Intuitive Bass Diffusion

There is an excellent post by Mathias, which rephrases the Bass diffusion curve in more accessible terms and language. You can view his posting for the full explanation. I’ve taken the Excel file and created an interactive dashboard from it.

Click here to launch the Dashboard

3 Responses to Intuitive Bass Diffusion

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Billy
    I was given a set of numbers that were generated through a complicated set of steps for an S curve and I am supposed to find a formula that would hold on one line. I have not been given the parameters of the curve, just the resulting points on the curve (23 points). Do you know how I can find this formula?

    • acasoanalytics says:

      Hi Emily, we could assume that the form is the same as the bass diffusion curve and perform a least squares fit to find the parameters that best describe the data. If you email the data set to me I can try this quickly.

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